Special School Events

We can help schools with a variety of their different event days and also provide reward and engagement days for pupils.

Event Days

We can come in to schools to run one off event days, this can be a full day of a specific sport or a variety of sports. These days are sometimes run as part of the general schools calendar, as a rewards day for certain pupils or as part of a school sports week.

Rewards and Engagement Days

Have you got a group of sporty children who have been excellent all year and deserve a reward for this? We can come in and run reward days where we run a variety of sporting activities for them.

Engagement Days

We know that some groups children don’t always engage in sport, we can come in and run activities for groups of children who don’t usually like to partake to engage them in physical activity and team activities.

Sports Day/Summer Fayre/Event Day Support

We can provide coaches to help support on school sports days and event days. We have lots of fun equipment like our inflatable speed cage which are always a hit at school events.

Parent and Child Coaching Sessions

We often run sessions for parents and children together, this is a great way to get the adults involved with the children and we can run fun/safe sports sessions to help them build their relationship.

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