Breakfast, Break and Lunch Clubs

Breakfast, Break and Lunchtime Clubs

Our break and lunchtime programme helps schools increase participation levels and manage behaviour.

Due to the time restraints at break and lunchtime the clubs are run in a way that engages the children quickly and constantly for the limited time. Our sessions are very adaptable to changing numbers and allows a huge number of children to participate. As well as engaging children this takes a huge amount of pressure away from school staff.

We run free taster sessions for any schools that are interested in seeing how these clubs work.

Contact us to organise a free taster session.

Values Based Coaching

Our current schools have seen a decline in behavioural incidents at lunchtimes and through our values based coaching programme we also develop children’s leadership and organisation skills.

The following sports can be delivered as well as many others.

  • Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Speed stacking
  • Multi Skills
  • Athletics
  • Non-contact boxing

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