Rewards – TSC Tokens

Every time you spend money with us you will receive 10% back at TSC Tokens, these can then be spent on any TSC sessions that you book in the future. But this isn’t the only way you can earn TSC tokens, we have a number of different ways to get TSC tokens for you and your friends.

All you need to do is sign up for an account, if you have already made a purchase through the site you may have an account already, you can check this or sign up by using the appropriate links below.

Rewards & How To Earn Them

TOKENS EVERYTIME YOU SPEND – Everytime you purchase from our shop you will receive 10% of what you spend back as tokens.

JOIN REWARDS MAILING LIST – Join our rewards mailing list to receive information about our sessions, special offers, referral links and shareable social links. Just by signing up you will receive 25 tokens.

BIRTHDAY TOKENS – Tell us your birthday when you register and get a present of 50 TSC tokens from us every year.

SHARE OUR WEBSITE PAGES ON SOCIAL – Share our pages/posts on your facebook page and you will receive a TSC token every time you do this. Limited to 1 share every 3 days. To do this just go to your account page and click the facebook link.

RECOMMEND A FRIEND – Recommend us to your friends by email, text, Whatsapp or social media and if they sign up for a session you will receive 50 TSC tokens for each person who signs up (this works on their first order only). To do this go to your account page and copy the referral link to send to your friends. When they register for a session through this link you both receive your tokens.

TOKENS WHEN YOUR FRIENDS SPEND – Everytime someone you have recommended spends £10 you will receive 5 TSC tokens.


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