Football Academy Franchising

Proven business model | Great brand reputation | All systems and sessions provided | Multi sports schools brand included

Reach your potential with a TSC franchise.

TSC are all about helping people reach their potential, whether they are players in our programmes, our coaching staff, or our franchisees, our aim is to help you reach your potential through sport. TSC Football Academy was established in the East Kent area in 2011 and in that time has worked with more than 1000 players in our football academy programmes. As well as this through our TSC multi-sports brand we have worked in 50 schools in the area, as well as a number of community clubs and organisations.

Investing in a TSC franchise will give you the opportunity to have a career in football and sport, whilst running your own business and being responsible for your own earning potential. By franchising with TSC you have access to running your own Football Academy as well as a schools  multi sport programme. By running a specialist academy as well as schools programme, this unlocks a much higher earning potential than other coaching franchises offer. Currently, our Football Academy offers programmes for players from 18 months old to adults.

Investing in a TSC franchise gives you:

  • Access to all TSC Football Academy products:
    • TSC Tots – 18 months to 3 year olds
    • TSC Toddlers – 3 year olds to 6 year olds
    • TSC Football Academy – 7-16 year olds
    • TSC Football Scholarship – 16-19 Year olds
    • Plus many more add on programmes.
  • Use of our school multisport brand to increase your opportunities.
    • Providing PPA Cover
    • Lunch and Break Clubs
    • After School Programmes in a variety of sports
  • Access to our huge library of session plans for all our services.
  • The ability to be your own boss and run your own business, with high earning potential
  • Access to the TSC business model and extensive experience in running successful sports coaching businesses
  • Extensive initial and ongoing training to help you on your journey
  • Licence to an exclusive territory

To start taking the first steps to reaching your potential, please read through the following information and follow our next steps.

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Meet our Franchise Manager Jack

You can book in for a no obligation chat with Jack by clicking the below link and organising a call at a time convenient for you.

Why Franchise With TSC

If you have a passion for helping people reach their potential through sport, TSC will allow you to do that as a full-time job. You will be in charge of your own business and boosting your own earnings.

Ultimately, we are successful if our franchisees are successful. We work to make sure all our franchisees have the best chance of getting what they want out of their business. You will gain access to the brands and their excellent reputations.

One of the biggest advantages of a TSC franchise is the fact you receive the licence to our football academy brand to offer specialist coaching, but you also receive our multi-sports coaching brand. A TSC franchise allows you to enter both markets, with school’s multi-sport coaching in the day, then specialist coaching in the evenings and weekends. By having access to both public and private sector clients, you expand the possibility of how big your business can grow.

TSC has a proven business method to help make your franchise a success. This includes our operations guides and running systems. You will have access on our recruitment, marketing and sales models. The TSC website will detail your sessions and take all your bookings for you.

Along the way you will have many challenges, we will be here to support you through it with our experience and knowledge.

The Package

We are always looking for passionate coaches to join our team of franchisees.

A minimum investment of £5,500 gives you:

  • Licences for our football academy and school coaching brand.
  • Access to the TSC Football academy curriculum and session plans for all age groups and programmes.
  • Proven franchise model.
  • The opportunity to work full time in sport and be your own boss.
  • Exclusive territory.
  • Training on all areas of the business and help with your business planning. Ongoing support, training and CPD.
  • Access to TSC operations guides, operating systems, website and business management systems.
  • Marketing, recruitment and sales models to help you grow your business.


All TSC franchisees will receive extensive initial and ongoing training to help their business run efficiently and achieve growth. Training is delivered by people who have themselves successfully grown and developed TSC businesses. As well as this you will benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience of the other franchisees in the network.

Your initial 5-day training programme will cover everything you need to launch your business and help to implement a bespoke launch strategy for your area. You will be guided through the TSC operational systems as well as the models for marketing, recruitment, and sales.

You will receive constant ongoing training, including:

  • Monthly meetings with your franchise manager
  • Business growth days with the franchise network
  • Courses and webinars
  • 1 to 1 business visits
  • Annual franchise conference

What Are We Looking For?

  • At TSC we want to be the best, therefore we want to recruit the best franchisees.
  • Our franchisees must have a coaching qualification and experience in coaching.
  • You must have a passion for developing people through sport and helping people reach their own individual potential
  • We are looking for people who are aspirational and always set high standards.
  • Franchisees must be organised, have a great work ethic and be able to take responsibility.
  • We want people with a positive attitude, who will be able to recruit, manage, develop and lead their staff.
  • You must be able to build relationships with people, this will include schools, staff, parents, children and other franchisees.
  • As well as all this, you must be a team player. Our franchisees are a network who help each other develop, by sharing ideas and strategies we push each other on to higher levels. Our success is dependent on your success.

Next Steps

If you want to discuss the possibility of franchising with us or ask any questions, please fill out this form and a member of the team will be in touch.

Our process is as follows:

  1. Introduction call with TSC franchise staff
  2. We will then send you some more information about franchising with us
  3. You will need to fill out a full application form to proceed
  4. Attend a discovery day with us – a 1 to 1 visit to see how the business runs, meet the TSC staff and also meet some of our current franchisees.
  5. If all parties want to proceed, we then follow the franchise recruitment process.

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